Tuesday, 3 February 2009

VTV Series

Episode 1
The Forgotten

The Doctor investigates an American Company called The Health Centre, meets Katie for the first time, and their epic adventure begins.

Episode 2

An alien hatches out of its shell, ready to infiltrate Earth through the highest lifeforms it finds - the Doctor and Katie.

Episode 3

The Doctor and Katie arrive in 1913, ready to enjoy English Pancakes, but instead, the Doctor comes across an old enemy, and Katie meets a film character.

Episode 4
Bang Bang

The Doctor and Katie arrive on Earth after the TARDIS fails, and investigate a man who is being persude by man eating badgers.

Episode 5
The Hill Has Eyes

With Katie and the Doctor in terrible danger at the hands of the Badgers, who can solve the mystery of the glowing hill? And will they make it out alive?

Episode 6
The Jungle Book

The Doctor and Katie arrive on Flora Colenso, a planet with every species of plant in the universe, except daffodils... When the plants come to life, the Doctor and Katie are trapped, but how does the Jungle Book hold the key to their survival?

Episode 7
A Pressing Engagement

The Doctor and Katie arrive back in America where they meet Katie's parents Sandra and Derek Parker, and Norman, the alien that's been trapped in Katie's wardrobe for weeks. Oh, and they get engaged.

Episode 8

When an unknown force attacks the Doctor and Katie in the TARDIS, they are seperated. The Doctor meets the Beatles in 1963, and Katie fights the Hacek Dral in the future. Will they both be able to survive?

Episode 9

Katie stops the Hacek Dral, as the Doctor attempts to flee the Raston Warrior Robot. Will they ever reunite?

Episode 10

The Doctor and Katie land on the Planet of Oz to find the TARDIS, but find leaving a big problem.

Episode 11
What Goes Up

The Doctor finds Katie and together with her parents, they go on a trip to New York. But someone is waiting in the dark, someone who has other plans.

Episode 12
Distant Memory

The survivors of the plane crash are captured by Mary Poppins, who has returned for her revenge, starting with revealing a shocking secret about Katie.

Episode 13
The End

The Doctor's world comes crashing down, and something has to be done about it.